Create The Life You’ve Always Wanted To Be Living!

What do you want to do with this life? What do you want to experience here?

Do you want a deeply fulfilling relationship, a job that you love and are passionate about, an abundance of income, a healthy and attractive body, a family that you enjoy spending time with?

Or do you simply want to escape from where you are and haven’t even been able to conceive of these things yet?

Why do you want any of this? It’s not the things that you want, it’s the experience that you imagine you’ll have if you have these things. It’s the feelings and the thoughts that you imagine these things will bring you.

It’s the greater sense of purpose, direction, and fulfillment. It’s the greater aliveness in life. Wouldn’t it be amazing to jump out of bed each morning with overflowing energy for the day? To feel healthy and vibrant? To look in the mirror and feel love for the person you see? To feel love for everyone and everything in your life? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience a profound peace and trust in every moment, confident that everything is working out exactly as you’d truly like it to? To be able to relax into the flow of life and let it take you forward into the actualization of your greatest dreams? To feel connected and present and like you belong here, now, exactly where you are on the journey of increasingly amazing experiences? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to feel free and powerful, in control of your life without effort? To feel profound joy, to experience excitement for everything that’s unfolding before you?

This experience is accessible to you right now to step into. In fact, you probably already have stepped into it a little bit, just thinking about what it would be like. You’ve just plugged a destination into your internal GPS, focusing your attention on this experience and telling your creation, “This is what I would like to experience. I would be so appreciative and grateful if you would support me in experiencing this.” And so your life will give you more reasons to think this, to feel this, guiding you toward physical life experiences that will actually get you to the feelings you are already stepping into.

But it will do something else as well. It will tell you all the destinations that you’ve plugged into your internal GPS before this that are not compatible with these new, positive destinations. Your creation will tell you all the ways your relationship with it has not been as wonderful as the one you’re describing. Your life will offer you experiences, and it is up to you to respond—to your own thoughts, feelings, and instincts, to your creation directly.

Your internal experiences are never about the things outside you; they are about you. It is your creation speaking to you, its Creator. Treat your creation as you would like it to treat you. Step into your true role as Creator and recognize that your internal and external experiences are the language that is being used to speak with you. You rehearse in your mind roles, dynamics, relationships, conversations, in the way you treat yourself, and the world responds, telling you what you are making it think and feel and want, showing you what you are rehearsing, how you are treating it.

You need only acknowledge what you have been making your creation think and feel and want, and respond appropriately and with kindness, reaffirming your new, desired, positive destinations. And you will get there. You are already there.

Contact me today and schedule a free consultation, and I’ll guide you in interpreting your experiences and responding to them so that you can create the life you’ve always wanted to be living.