Recommended Resources

Here is a special collection of some fantastic resources that can guide and help you in your personal development, relationship improvement, and career creation.


How To Create Your Ideal Relationships With Yourself And Others; Redefining And Deeply Understanding The Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, And Male Vs. Female; How We Function Internally; How We Relate To Our Own Thoughts, Feelings, And Instincts; How Everything Develops And How We Create Everything We Experience:
Paperback: Kindle Version:

Theory Of Everything, Psychological Development, Personality (including the Enneagram), How We Develop And How We Create The World We Experience:

Psychological Development, Map And Guide To Life And Greater Fulfillment:

Inspiring And Transformative Allegorical Story Of How We Transform Our Lives And Achieve The Experience Of Deep Fulfillment And Freedom:
Paperback: Kindle Version:

The Enneagram:

– This is the version of the Enneagram I learned and built on to come up with my own version.  I don’t really recommend any other presentation of the Enneagram personality types besides this one (other than my own, of course).

Amazingly Accurate And Insightful Numerology:
Paperback: Kindle Version:

Awe-Inspiring, Mind-Expanding Theory Of Everything:

– This is probably my favorite book.

The Law Of Attraction:

Out Of Body Experiences:

Past Life Regression:

Future Life Progression:

Past Life Regression, The Afterlife (The Life Between Lives), And Planning Our Lives Before Life:

Mindfulness Meditation:
Paperback: Kindle Version:

Inspirational Thoughts On The Power Of Thought To Shape Our Lives:

Self-Image:  How We Can Change Our Lives By Changing Our Thoughts About, And Perception Of, Ourselves:

Fun Book About Our Thoughts And Emotions:

Intuition:  What Is It?  How Can We Develop It And Apply It To Make Better Decisions?:

Innovative Approach to Career Creation:
Hardcover: Kindle Version:

Website Creation:

Domain Registration and Hosting:
Just Host

– This has the best pricing I’ve found for good hosting, and includes a free domain and a 30-day money-back guarantee (see bottom of the homepage of that site). This site is hosted by Justhost.

Website Builders:
– This is a free WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) program that allows you to design a website.  You can type and paste things or go straight to the html source code if you’d like.  I like going back and forth between editing the html and editing the visual of what it looks like.  I tried other website building programs that cost money, and I ended up coming back to Kompozer, which is free, because I like it so much better.  There are some glitches, but it serves its purpose well.
– allows you to create free blogs; is website design software.  It’s relatively easy to create a professional-looking website using with its pre-existing templates. is a particularly good platform if you would like your website to have a partial blog format so that you can update the site with new posts regularly with ease. This site is built on wordpress.

Website Templates and Themes:


Royalty Free Video Files:
This is where I got the videos for the video on the homepage of this site.

Royalty Free Audio Files:
This is where I got the music for the video on the homepage of this site.

Stock Graphics Files:


Royalty Free Stock Photography:

Can Stock Photo


3D Models:

Designers and Developers – WordPress Customization, Logo Design, and more:
Envato Studio

Logo Design:

And here’s a special promo code for $50 off of any order on that site:  JonathanH3XN4SX

Hosting Events:
To sell tickets and keep track of ticket sales:

To get other people to market your products for you:

For business cards and other marketing materials:


Fee-Free Online Banking that often includes a bonus with signup:
Capital One 360
– I’ve never loved a bank before, but I love this bank.  User friendly, convenient, and
no fees whatsoever (I’ve looked for hidden fees, but there actually aren’t any to be found).

Beautiful Art For Decoration And Inspiration!:
Free Art

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