About Me

Jonathan R. Wachtel, International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Coach and Creator of The Life Guidance System, As Featured On CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, the CW, WRAL.com, Wall Street Select

I provide guidance in the areas of personal development, dating, relationships, career, business, health, family, and more, in person in New York and via phone, Skype, and Google Hangouts everywhere.

I work with people who are ready and eager to improve their experience of life in every area and in every way—who are ready to live their dream lives and are willing to question what they’ve believed and what they’ve done up to now and do whatever it actually takes to create their ideal life experiences.

If you want to know if I can help you, here’s what you need to know about me:

I went from living my version of Hell on Earth to creating my version of Heaven here.

The key to it all ultimately was learning that my thoughts, feelings, and desires are not against me, they are not random, and they are not being determined by other people. They are responses to how I’ve been treating myself—basically to whether I’ve been acting in accordance with what I am welcoming into my experience with the focus of my attention and energy or not.

Empowered with this awareness and an increasing understanding of how to apply it:

* I’ve built a career and a living doing what I absolutely love.

* I found the person I’ve always been searching for and am happily building a life with her.

* I’ve developed a strong, healthy body and an increasingly peaceful and positive mind.

* I am increasingly happy, confident, purposeful, and clear.

* I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to use what I’ve learned to help innumerable other people transform their experiences of life, too.

I have all sorts of credentials that I’ve worked for or paid for and that I used to believe were necessary—because they would supposedly help you figure out that I could help you. But none of that will tell you what you need to know.

This is what you need to know: I’ve transformed every aspect of my life for the better, and I’ve helped other people transform all aspects of their lives for the better, too. (You can read what some of my clients have written about their experiences of working with me, and the results they’ve gotten, in the Results section of my site here.)

If you’d like to vastly improve your experience of any or every aspect of your life, and you’d like a map and tools and a guide along the way, you’re in the right place. If you’re ready to live a life of confidence, clarity, purpose, passion, and joy—a life that you’re excited about and that you have fun living—I look forward to hearing from you!