Psychologist Vs. Life Coach

Psychologist: The stated mission of a psychologist is to diagnose your problems. If this somehow ends up helping you accomplish anything, then that’s a bonus (because if you focus too much on problems, this actually increases them rather than resolving anything). The goal of a psychologist usually involves helping you get from nonfunctional to okay.

Life Coach: The stated mission of a life coach is to help you achieve your goals. As obstacles naturally come up along the way, a life coach helps you address these so that you can actually achieve your goals. The goal of a life coach usually involves helping you get you from okay or good to spectacularly amazing.

I chose not to be a psychologist or therapist or counselor and instead to be a life coach because I aim to help you improve your life by helping you clarify what you truly want in life, getting you focused on the experience of what it’s like to have this, and addressing anything that holds you back from achieving this.

If this resonates with you, contact me! I look forward to hearing from you!