Understand The Messages From The Universe
& Learn The Language Of Creation

Create Your Life On Purpose

How To Develop Your Psychic Abilities
Three-part foundational psychic-development and life-transformation course over a group Skype video call for anyone anywhere in the process of recognizing and exercising psychic abilities to strengthen and expand on them.

Learn how to:
– Meditate
– Interpret dreams
– Foresee and change the future
– Communicate with spirit guides and those no longer living
– Read minds
– Communicate messages to others with your thoughts
– Access past lives and future lives
– Travel in space and time with your mind
– Astral project
– Channel wisdom and messages from anyone or anything anywhere and anywhen
– Create your life experiences on purpose with your thoughts, feelings, and desires
– And more

– Your relationship to Source and the universe
– The messages coming to you in every moment of your life through your own thoughts, feelings, and instincts and your experiences with everyone and everything around you.
– The purpose of your experiences here in existence

This three-part course will help you bring spiritual awareness into the physical world so that you can live an integrated and powerful existence, and it will guide you in concretely transforming every aspect of your life.

Wednesday, 8/12, 7 pm – 8 pm EST
– Understanding your relationship to everyone and everything that makes extrasensory experiences possible and beginning to put this understanding into practice
Wednesday, 8/19, 7 pm – 8 pm EST
– Strengthening your internal communication and relationship with your creation and sharing experiences and experiments in doing this
Wednesday, 8/26, 7 pm – 8 pm EST
– Taking everything to the next level and creating magical experiences in your life

You’ll be amazed at how simple, easy, and straightforward all of this actually is!

The content covered in this empowering, awareness-expanding, and transformational course could easily be valued at more than several hundred, if not several thousand, dollars, but you can get all of it now for less than $100.

At less than $33 per one-hour class, you get:
– A ticket to attend this powerful, three-part, interactive online course on Skype, taught and led by international inspirational life guide, speaker, Amazon best selling author, and personality expert Jonathan R. Wachtel
– Assignments between classes and beyond to guide you in putting everything you learn into practice
– Audio recordings of each of the three one-hour classes so you can go back over everything you learn during them at any time afterward

all for only $97.

Space for this special course is limited to the first 20 people who purchase tickets.

Purchase your ticket here:

After you purchase your ticket, please send an email with your Skype username to [email protected] so I can invite you to the classes there! Thank you, and I’ll see you then!