Monthly Coaching Membership

With This Coaching Membership Subscription, You Get:

Clarity about how to get the experience of life you want, confidence in your ability to create this, and an overall much-better-feeling experience of life!

How we get you this:

You will be walked through creating this experience every step of the way with:

– Up to two 45-minute one-on-one individualized phone or video coaching sessions with Jonathan to be used within one month

– Coaching assignments following each sessionsometimes something to focus on internally, sometimes external action steps to taketailored specifically to you where you are in your progression

– Feedback from Jonathan on occasional email/text progress updates you send during the month

So you’ll never be lost or without direction.  You’ll never face a roadblock without guidance to help you navigate around it.  You’ll always know the next step, helped along by someone who has specialized in this and dedicated his life to mastering this, carefully refining his Life Guidance System over 12 years of working with people to help them create better experiences of life, and much longer than this learning how to live and practice what he teaches, himself.  

Plus, you’ll learn how to work with your own internal guidance—your own thoughts, feelings, and wants—rather than against it, so you’ll learn how to keep consistently heading this direction even beyond your work with Jonathan.

If this sounds good to you and like something you want, please subscribe here to get started!: