The Life Guidance System, As Featured On CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, the CW,, Wall Street Select

Basic Principles Of The Life Guidance System

* The way we treat ourselves sets the example for the way we’re inclined to treat others and the way others are inclined to treat us.

* We all have a built-in GPS system that guides us toward the destinations we set with the focus of our attention.

* Every aspect of our external experience is a reflection of our internal dynamics, which we determine, and so we are each the sole creators of our life experiences.

Our thoughts, feelings, and instincts and all of our experiences in this world are not us, that we should identify with them, and they are not random or meaningless; they are purposeful and meaningful forms of communication with us about us. When we recognize this and acknowledge and take responsibility for what we have been making ourselves think, feel, and want, we can respond appropriately with the apologies, appreciation, and actions that we actually want from ourselves.

Once we get what we want from ourselves, we get this from the people and the world outside us as they reflect our response to, and new treatment of, ourselves. In other words, we have complete control over transforming our experience of life, and no one and nothing needs to change in order for us to get what we want. We need only acknowledge that everything that’s being said by our thoughts, feelings, instincts, and our experiences with the people and the world around us is about us, and respond appropriately, and the experiential response is immediate, and this is then reflected in our interactions with everyone and everything in our lives.