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* Do you want more fulfilling relationships with your significant other, family, and friends?
* Do you want a career that you're passionate about?
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* Do you want more peace, love, joy, and aliveness in your life?
* Do you want to live a magical, empowered, confident existence?
* Do you want to finally experience everything you truly want to experience?

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If you’d like to vastly improve your experience of any or every aspect of your life, and you’d like a map and tools and a guide along the way, you’re in the right place.

Contact me for guidance in the areas of personal development, dating, relationships, career, business, health, family, and more, in person in New York and via phone, Skype, and Google Hangouts anywhere.

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If you’re ready to live a life of confidence, clarity, purpose, passion, and joy—a life that you’re excited about and that you have fun living—I look forward to hearing from you!

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Change Yourself, Change Your Life:  Empowering Stories Of Transformation

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Claim Your FREE Copy Of This eBook!


Personalized Life Guidance Sessions

Providing one-on-one, individualized life guidance, tailored specifically to you, in person in New York or over the phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts anywhere. Personal development and health guidance, dating and relationship guidance, career and business guidance, and more. Helping you understand and learn from your life experiences and guiding you every step of the way toward more of what you truly desire.

Online Courses

Helping you understand and apply in your life the transformative message: Your thoughts, feelings, instincts, and all of your experiences are not you, and they are not random; they are communicating with you. Guiding you through your own life transformations with short videos, worksheets, workbook assignments, ebooks, and guided meditations. Get Access To My FREE Online Course Introduction To Life Transformation here.

Books and eBooks

Mapping out the internal landscape of human experience and empowering you with the awareness of how to transform your experience of life instantaneously. Covering innovative new interpretations of the Enneagram and Myers-Briggs personality systems, peak experiences, self-actualization, and much more.


  • Change Yourself, Change Your Life:  Empowering Stories Of Transformation
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See What Some People Have To Say About What I Do:

Kaila G., Life Coach at A Sparkle Within You, Toronto, wrote (May 3, 2017):

Jonathan Wachtel is the most incredible and powerful coach! He was the light when I only saw darkness in my life. He saved my life and opened my eyes to a whole new experience of living in the world. He is supportive, compassionate, understanding, and helped me achieve phenomenal results in my life! The tools that he uses were created by him, and are the most amazing and effective tools to allow real change to occur. He helped me get in touch with myself which started me on a journey from a negative dynamic relationship to a positive dynamic relationship with myself. His coaching is healing from the inside out and is so powerful! A large part of it involves self forgiveness and through that I have seen my life completely turn into a life I want to be living in! The experience of my life now is one of fulfillment, happiness, positive conversations, deep calm. He helped me in all areas of my life! I can’t put a price to the wonderful experience of the world that he has brought me and all the coaching he provided along the way. Thank you, and keep on doing what you’re doing, your coaching has a huge impact! I would highly recommend Jonathan as a life coach if you would like to shift your experiences in your life and are open to a change that will bring you fulfillment in all areas of your life, whether it’s a fulfilling career, living situation, financial situation, relationship, or health. Just wait to see what he can do for your life!

Zoe T., Writer and Screenplay Writer, Florida, wrote (September 23, 2016):

Jonathan's teachings have transformed my life forever. He has aided in significantly improving every area of my life - my relationships, my career, my health, my day to day life experience. Best of all, it's been a steady climb and anything but happenstance. I'm creating a much better life experience because he's provided me with an arsenal of tools to build whatever I want.

Jonathan shares his remarkable insights with patience and a genuine desire to improve the lives of others. I couldn't imagine a more effective life coach and I wholeheartedly recommend his services to everyone.

Jamie, Nurse, New York, wrote (July 10, 2014):

Where do I begin? The journey I've been going on with Jonathan has been nothing short of a miracle. I've been to many therapists but none of them were as intuitive and insightful as him. I was living my life 'safe'. But really, I was scared. I was scared to take the steps necessary to make the changes that would enormously increase my fulfillment and happiness with life. Jonathan opened my eyes to all the possibilities and directions my life could take. He took the blindfolds off and guided me to a life that is vastly different than the one I had. He was and is my life coach in every way. He showed me that what I deemed impossible was not only possible but actually at the tips of my fingers!! It was my lack of belief in possibility that was inhibiting me from being happy. He held my hand the entire way and brought me to a life that I never even knew to dream of. I am now able to love myself and be present to the beautiful world around me. There are not enough words to thank someone for giving me the greatest gift in the entire world, a life truly worth living.

Rachel Stein, New York, wrote (March 3, 2015):

The first step to a better, more connected life!

Meeting Jonathan was one of the greatest things to have happened to me. He has completely revolutionized the way I relate to myself which, as you will hopefully soon find out, dictates how one relates to everything in his/her world. After spending time learning from and interacting with Jonathan, I begin to see life as a collection of possibilities rather than a narrow path which has been largely chosen for me. I am now able to hear and listen to my intuition more clearly as I select from the opportunities in my life the one that feels best and that will allow me to reach my ultimate goal. I feel empowered in my day to day and I am excited for what's to come!

Jeanette, California, wrote (March 3, 2015):

Results faster than I could ever imagine!

I highly recommend that anyone who would like to finally see the results they actually want in their life read Jonathan's books and attend his workshops. In the last couple of months, I've received more than what I could ever imagine. I started focusing on what I wanted for my life instead of focusing on trying to change the things I didn't like and fighting an uphill battle against myself (no one will ever win when it's a battle against oneself). I'm most surprised by how quickly my life produced the results I always prayed for. Within the last three months, I met my best friend (my fiancé). Not only is he everything I ever wanted in a guy, but I'm marrying into a family that is so kind and giving. My relationship with my own family is even better than it was before and I've never felt as supported to follow my dreams as I do now. So what did I do differently? After truly grasping Jonathan's ideas, I began to treat myself with kindness and allowed myself to follow my own bliss. That is what made all the difference. I now cherish every day and feel truly blessed as I'm experiencing the life I've always prayed for.

Ilana, Ontario, wrote (September 26, 2016):

Jonathan's teachings have transformed my life forever. This past year has been unlike any other because I'm experiencing true happiness and joy on a daily basis. I used to think that consistent good feelings were unrealistic, that life was a roller-coaster that could only be weathered. All that did was make me numb and exacerbate the highs and lows. I feel like an entirely different person as everyday I find myself swimming in bliss, excitement and appreciation - it's truly remarkable. Not only do I feel different but everyone and everything around me has reflected the change. People who have met me in the last year can't fathom that I haven't always been this way. Jonathan's guidance has been an invaluable resource in getting me to this place and I'm so eager to continue on this path.

Sabrina Rudner, New York, wrote (September 17, 2014):

There are no adequate words, but I write whatever comes from my heart and hope it speaks my intent and meaning.

In my experience, Jonathan has been so much more to me than a spiritual guide and friend. He is a reflection of my light in times I could not feel my spirit, a safe place at times I could not find internal security, and an objective set of eyes to see, celebrate and announce my growth, in times all that spoke to me within was self judgement.

I personally have always preferred a doctor who has been a patient, a therapist who has sat in the client's chair, a teacher who remains student...Jonathan is a self created person and for that, he lives and breathes his teachings of self creation. His motivation and persistence through his own experiences of contrast, his use of every experience, encounter and circumstance in his life seen as a lesson for expansion, an opportunity for gratitude, a deeper level of self insight...is the highest form of example and guidance. There is no greater teaching, to me, than learning from another just by witnessing the way in which they live their truth.

In times of great despair and "non-self", I am supremely blessed that Jonathan was there for me as an external reflection of the guiding light within me I felt at a loss in finding internally. With all of my mistrust in the intent of others, I know no one can fake a gentle heart and pure loving, positive intention. It is one thing to advise someone based on your own beliefs, and another to humbly meet them where they are and help support and guide them toward their own internal guidance system.

In my opinion Jonathan's therapy approach is so uniquely and specifically one he has so carefully defined, discovered within himself, practiced, and personally "trialed and errored"--in a way I can't imagine it being possible to find elsewhere. It is an approach that is loving, compassionate, motivating, mentally stimulating and empowering...and he lives and "be's" it in every sense.

For a bit over two years I had been listening to many speakers and authors online for hours a day teach the beautiful art of happiness...these were, for me, guiding examples of the power we hold within ourselves to always claim our internal answers and askings and the desired reality we prefer to exist in and therefore create. The first time I spoke with Jonathan I felt as though I had manifested the sacred information I had been seeking in my computer screen and books, finally in my reality, on the phone, in person, in a friend. I was proud of myself for having grown toward a place within where such wisdom and teaching can become in my life in the equality of learning together in life's classroom.

I highly recommend Jonathan as a spiritual life guide however I more so recommend to anyone reading this to ask yourself whether or not you are honestly ready to step into who you truly are and to live your truth with complete abandon and openness. If so you are in the right place. I am honored to share this.

Peace and blessings!

-Sabrina Rudner

Francine H., Florida, wrote (September 30, 2016):

I truly don't know how I was ever able to get what I wanted or needed prior to meeting Jonathan. He's helped me understand myself better thereby giving me greater knowledge of my needs and most importantly how to successfully attain my desires!

Jonathan has been and continues to be the reason why I've gone from "check to check" and living in an apartment to purchasing my own home. In a way he's given me my independence and a new way of looking at the world.

I've always struggled with my weight and adding on to that an almost 20 year cigarette addiction, I had no clue how to become a better me. After regular therapy with Jonathan Wachtel, I've lost 100+ pounds and kicked my cigarette habit two years and counting. I've realized with Jonathan anything truly is possible!

Shani K., New York, wrote (May 22, 2017):

It is rare to find a life guide and mentors, where they allow us the comfort to express ourselves freely, provide a judgement free environment, fully listen to every word we say, and inspire us to be optimistic and better people. It is even more rare to find a Life Guide, like Jonathan Wachtel, who completely gets us and knows exactly what to say, how to say it and when.

Jonathan is a gift. I feel that one is lucky to come across someone like Jonathan even once in their life. I have been to many guides, therapists and self discovery programs, where I did feel genuinely listened to, cared for and validated, yet Jonathan has done what no one else was able to do for me. Jonathan has gone right to the ROOT of everything, and enabled me to change my life in a way that completely built up the most secure inner foundation and groundwork that I can. Through his supportive work, I have changed my entire inner dynamic within myself, which manifested in me changing everything around me- career, family, relationships, financial situation, living environment, health and my connection with myself. Jonathan does not just provide a bandaid and work on solving the issues at hand. He does something so much deeper. He inspired me to change everything going on deep inside of me, my way of thinking and seeing the world, layer by layer which completely changed my way of living in a way I could never have imagined. This helped me truly become a stronger person to create and be in control of my own life in every way, in the best way possible. I have dreamed many times in the past of this happening, yet I was always stuck where I was. Jonathan has helped this dream become reality.

When we see a diamond, we automatically grab it up. Jonathan is this diamond and worth every penny. Invest in yourself, give him a try, and you will see your life change in a way you can never have imagined!

Zoe T., Florida, wrote (April 10, 2017):

Jonathan is incredible. His teachings have been transformative in every area of my life.

I originally contacted him in a time of mourning. He helped me with that issue and WAY more. He was pivotal in improving my career, relationships, and shaping my overall life experience into something that's much more fulfilling. He helped me get clarity on what I wanted in every area of my life and then supplied me with tools to actually get them, in record time. I feel so equipped and have taken HUGE steps towards the life I want to be living. I can't thank him enough!

Joe C., New York, said (June 29, 2017):

It's the best money I've spent in my life! I'm very happy with the value I got for the dollars I spent. Even though we haven't spoken in six months, I'm still benefiting from the sessions we had. These are lifelong lessons!

Mulan Reiter, ACC, High Performance Coach, NLP Master Coach, Time Line Therapy Master, Master Hypnotherapist, Nutritional Healing Expert, Love, Life & Health Coach, Israel, wrote (February 22, 2016):

Dear Jonathan, Thank you so much for yesterday's talk. I couldn't stop thinking about it for a few hours... Woke up this morning energized and ready to change my world and with a sense of peace! Thank you!!! Thank you for recognizing my state, helping me look at it from another perspective and being there when I needed! Our conversation was very powerful and had an impact on how I feel! We definitely met for a reason! Wishing you a great week, filled with lots of blessings, light and love!

Sara, Florida, wrote (August 21, 2016):

I’ve been so positive so often recently that people can’t believe I haven’t always been this way! People wonder how I’m living such a fairy-tale life where everything seems to go my way. Everything really does seem to go my way recently since I’ve learned to listen to my feelings and do what feels good and right for me rather than trying to please other people. Life has become such an amazing adventure and I finally feel like I’m in control of it!

Lee'av, Life Coach, New Jersey, wrote (April 13, 2016, August 8, 2016):

I always feel so powerful after speaking to you. It's like I can take on the world!


THANK YOU Jonathan for bringing me to a place in life that always, just seemed, like a far away dream. And thank you for continuing to get me to a better place, that helps me love myself even more.

Ben, Massachusetts, said (June 3, 2013):

Wow. You blew my mind! Thank you!


You really helped me last week. Although I might've been okay on the phone, I was really going through something, and you gave me the answers I needed. I really appreciate the time you've taken to get good at the skill you have.

Helen, Florida, wrote (September 7, 2016):

Jonathan brings such clarity to my experiences that I wonder sometimes how people live without his ideas to guide them!

Regina Devora, Leadership & Development Coach @ Justifi, Founder @ Social Entrepreneurial Forum, Israel, wrote (June 4, 2012):

Learning with Jonathan Wachtel for nearly 2 years now, I’ve experienced tremendous leaps in my personal growth and development, awareness about my unique motivations and role in the world, and consciousness about how others experience reality differently from me. I’ve opened to such deep understanding of myself, my relationship with others, and dynamics that keep the world moving. I am now better able to assess the roots of conflict when they arise and deal with the ebb and flow of life from a centered, calm and accepting place. Jonathan’s commitment to authenticity, to serving the world, and making a profound impact in people’s lives is unprecedented. His approach to growth is compassionate yet very focused and he will gently direct you toward the shift necessary in your thoughts, emotions, and/or behavior to bring about a sense of greater completeness to your life. There’s no hype here. Having been a personal growth junkie for many years, worked with many coaches and mentors, and currently providing professional and personal coaching to others myself, I can attest to the fact that Jonathan Wachtel is the real deal. I’m so grateful for his presence in my life as a teacher, guide, messenger and friend.

Regina Devora Leadership & Development Coach @ Justifi Founder @ Social Entrepreneurial Forum

One of my ongoing clients who is now taking on clients, New York, wrote to someone who wanted to know more about what she does (May 15, 2015):

I work with people to help them figure out what they want from their lives (including career, relationships, family, etc.)... how to get there... and what might be stopping them from taking the next steps. Some of the benefit just comes from taking the time every week or so to stop and reflect about what's been happening, how you feel about it, and what it brings up for you. The world around us teaches us lessons every day, and we can learn to become more aware of them.

It's hard to go into too much detail in this format... But there's concepts I teach about people in your life reflecting certain things back at you, and learning to set emotional destinations (describing how you'd like to feel), which gives your thoughts, feelings and instincts a way to help you reach your goal.

I talk to a coach every week (the person I'm training with). Sometimes I have specific things I need to work through, and sometimes I don't think I have much to discuss but end up delving deeper into something I didn't even realize I needed to talk about. A coach can help you get from good to great. I know it's added to and enriched my life, and helped me find a confidence and serenity I didn't know I was capable of feeling.

Shari, New York, wrote (April 14, 2015):

I was reading over old and not as old emails between us-reflected along our journey of growth, regarding myself and various relationships that you have helped me along, and I just want to point out how much I have learned over these past few years. One lesson I have learned solidly over this past half year, that I have solidified in some emails in between our sessions, when I am in true learning mode- is the incredible awareness of finally listening to what my feelings are telling me. I am now able to see the sheer power of my beliefs in shaping my experiences, but mostly, the role my feelings play in creating healthier beliefs, which impact healthier dynamics in life! Our session last night was another true eye opener in having me realize the power I truly have, in creating new healthy spiritually oriented beliefs, the fact that all the answers really are in me, the beauty of my relationships, and most important, the fact that you are just a mirror of my feelings. A whole new way of thinking! I have seen much positive exploring in the recent emails over this past year, leading me to truly connect to the GDly part of me, barring any previous preconceived notions, belief systems, relying on you for the answers, expectations or concrete ways of thinking. That is why I feel great!

Jackie, Massachusetts, wrote (January 31, 2015):

I’m not sure you heard but I am engaged :). I want to give a warm thank you to you as I don’t believe this could have happened if you and I had not talked a couple of months ago. Our conversation totally shifted my view on what I actually wanted versus what I was attracting into my life and that made all the difference. I started treating myself more kindly, not denying myself happiness (such as treating myself to things that I wanted to buy but in the past would have been like “no, I should be more conservative with my money”, and I also started participating in community events that I would have felt out of place to attend in the past. I also realized how much love I felt towards all types of people (even though some were the typical unlovable types), and, as a result, felt completely secure with where I was in that current moment. I also discovered a diet that allowed me to stop worrying about calories and, as a result, stopped being critical of how I looked physically all the time and it was freedom! Lastly, I realized that love = kindness.

From all of this, I’m happy to say that Hashem has given me a mirror (my fiancé) to shine back the type of life I wanted for myself (my outer thoughts). I have some ideas of what personality type/myers and briggs he is….but for the first time, I don’t really care ;).

Thank you again for being a constant blessing in my life and the lives of many other people that I know you are constantly helping. You are a true light of goodness and may you continue to help others find their own light.

Shani, New York, wrote (December 9, 2014):

Jonathan Wachtel is someone who possesses an uncanny ability to see the diamonds inside each person and draw out their true inner essence. He has personally bought me to an enlightened place where I can see the world in color, in possibility and in hope. He embodies "Aseh Tov" giving me the capability to be bringing every aspect of good and light into my life. We are our own creators!

If you would like to meet someone who combines a mix of transcendental wisdom with practical life-changing direction and clarity, this is Jonathan.

If you would like to make any positive change in your life, this is Jonathan.

Leah, Israel, wrote (June 17, 2014):

I wanted to let you know that today was a really great day, the best day I've had in a very long time. I woke up early, didn't hit the snooze button, made a nice breakfast, and then had a great productive day and treated myself very nicely, eating really well the whole day and then gave myself a haircut so I'm happier and more confident with the way I look too. I feel like it's the first time I've paid attention to myself in so long and I didn't even realize how much I was not listening to myself and my needs. Our conversation yesterday helped me so much! It really helped me make a switch from feeling down to feeling hopeful and optimistic and even happy.. I didn't know it would be possible to feel so much better so quickly, after the difficult few weeks I just had. Thank you so much for all of your help, I appreciate it beyond words!! You are the best and I highly recommend your guidance to anyone and everyone who is looking for clarity and guidance in any area of their life.

With gratitude, Leah

Naomi, Israel, wrote (February 20, 2014, March 14, 2014):

Thank you so much for your help the other day, it was such a helpful conversation, it really helped me turn things around. I had an amazing day yesterday and today has also been a great day. I finally understand and am working on listening to myself. I really appreciate your help!


Thank you so much for all of your help, I can't even put in words how much you've been helping me!

Rachel, Office Administrator, New York, wrote (November 28, 2013):

I'm sure you heard this story a thousand times but I'm going to share mine with you.The other night we were talking about focusing on what I want in a positive way. I said I wanted "more" money. Well I got what I wanted. One of the attorneys that works in our office space (he doesn't have an assistant- so I usually help him out) gave me what I call a bonus. Funny thing is he gave me more than last year. My goal is use the money for something that I want but wouldn't buy for myself normally, to treat myself instead of using the money for bills.

If I wanted to be rational I could say its a coincidence - I knew I was getting a bonus from him but I didn't know when or how much it would be. But I'm working hard to believe that I got the bonus the day after I had that conversation with you because I put it out there and I got it! I also was able to find a parking spot easily when i came home - i couldn't believe it so i kept looking for a hydrant or a sign saying you couldn't park there but it was a real spot. Also after our conversation I told myself that I am going to start feeling better and guess what i am! Slowly I'm starting to believe....

Mary, Teacher, New York, wrote (August 14, 2013):

Just wanted to let you know that I've felt so much better since speaking to you... I'm really having a good time here and enjoying the experience.


Ann, Human Resources, Florida, wrote (June 10, 2013):

Our talk today made me walk away with some needed guidance and understanding. Particularly in terms of my current state AND how to turn these situations into opportunities. You're such a master at your craft Mr. Wachtel. Truly! Thanks again.

Elisa Weiss, New York, wrote (April 9, 2013):

If you've never had an opportunity to speak with Jonathan R. Wachtel about life, you are missing out. His insights into how our minds work and how our personalities affect all areas of our lives are intriguing and inspiring. He is an amazing person and is really great at what he does.

Take an hour or two and listen to what he has to say, it can change your life.


I've known you for about a year now and you really have helped me change my life for the better. Your ability to understand what makes people tick makes you stand out. I'm very grateful to have you in my life!

Regina, Israel, wrote (February 5, 2013):

This planet is blessed with your presence, your knowledge, your journey, your wisdom.

Chayanna Lappen, Massachusetts, wrote (January 18, 2013):

You have the gift of deep understanding and compassion rolled into one.

An ongoing client, Israel, wrote (December 25, 2012):

I am really taking on ideas we talked about and I can't describe how much it has helped me talking to you. Really a huge shift in my thinking and my whole existence!

Samantha, New York, wrote (December 20, 2012):

This is all a ray of light for me that is gonna turn into a beam. I know that. I know all this intellectually. What you helped me with is putting it into practice. Like exercising a muscle.


I am in awe of how much intelligence you have and share.

Sarah Z., Student of Psychology, New York, wrote (December 14, 2012, August 2, 2013, August 29, 2013, February 27, 2014):

I just wanted to let you know that I really felt a lot better after we spoke last night. I felt like a weight had been lifted off...and I was just more relaxed last night and actually woke up this morning, for the first time in a while, feeling like I had a good night sleep.

Thank you for your help.


It's amazing to see how things really work out when we change our thinking.


Thank you so much for helping me with everything. It's such an amazing and empowering feeling to be growing so much.


Thanks again for all of your help. I can't tell you how much I've grown and appreciate how you've helped me through so much.

Mia Bankston, Voiceover Actress, New York, wrote (December 7, 2012):

Amazing!...I'm still thinking about all that great knowledge you endowed me with last weekend! What a pleasant ride!...Thanks so much!

An ongoing client, New York, wrote (November 21, 2012):

Thank you so much for so many of the tools that you have taught me and that you will continue to teach me!

Ali, South Korea, wrote (July 20, 2012):

It's difficult to find the words to convey just how amazing a few hours of talking with Jonathan is. Not only did he give us over 3 hours of his time (when the talk was scheduled for only an hour) but he really cared about each individual at the meeting, wanting to help us as best he could. As for me, he gave me some pointers as to how my personality type shapes my life and I now know how to adapt my character so that I can improve myself and hopefully achieve my dreams. I would recommend everyone, who has the chance, to meet with Jonathan face to face or via Skype, as I did. You will be surprised and impressed by his wisdom and intuition and his ability to pinpoint the core of your problems and put you on the right path. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet with him and I hope to work with him again in the very near future. Thank you!

Ernest, Teacher, South Korea, wrote (June 25, 2012):

It's like he can read your personality and some of your past! Probably one of the best in his field. Truly impressive and very good at what he does.


Thank you for helping me to not only focus my attention more on one of the several goals that I've had for quite some time, but for motivating me to become more self actualized in reaching my potential. What seemed lofty and ethereal in my life now seems more concrete.

An ongoing client, Student, Israel, wrote (May 25, 2012):

You were the ladder that helped me climb out of the dark deep pit I was in when we first started talking, and your words and guidance molded me into someone more insightful, more spiritual, and more forgiving of myself and others. I now realize that not everyone thinks the way I do, and I cannot assume their reactions will be the same as mine. Even though I'm not adept at typing people and therefore figuring out how they react under stress, it is still good to now have an awareness of the variety of coping mechanisms and world outlooks other people espouse.

Thank you for always having my back and being on my side, for always being gentle and sympathetic and wise.

Aviva, New York, wrote (March 21, 2012):

My working with you actually gives me more confidence in myself and my intuition. You really are insightful and gifted, especially in your ability to speak the language of different personalities and individuals.

Thank you so much for your care and energy!

Mordy, New York, wrote (March 6, 2012):

I've been working on implementing some of the ideas we spoke about. Especially the part on LETTING STUFF GO. I must say it has really been working out well. Being someone who's very controlling and result driven it is a tough exercise for me but just being conscious of the fact that it is me who is creating that internal conflict has been extremely helpful in letting me let go - at least a little. The more I let go the more relaxed and motivated I am to put in the necessary effort without thinking as much on the possibility of failure - which I think, naturally holds me back.

So Just wanted to Thank You again for your insightful advice and tell you to keep doing what you're doing!

An ongoing client, Student, Israel, wrote (March 27, 2011):

Jonathan and I have been speaking weekly for the past months. During our initial consultation, he evaluated me by asking me a series of in-depth questions, and found out my type in the Enneagram personality system (Jonathan uses his own approach, which he has adapted from it). By ascertaining my type, Jonathan and I have been able to pinpoint and work on my motivations and issues. Coaching isn't a "one size fits all" approach. By figuring out my particular weaknesses and strengths, what really bothers me and how I interact with people, we have been able to discuss and work on practical, real-world solutions for many of the issues I was facing. We figured out what I truly valued and how to re-prioritize my days in order to take care of my own health and well being.

A few months into our coaching sessions, I feel like I'm a completely different person than I was at the beginning. Instead of seeing everything wrong in my life, I see the good things. Where before I was depressed and listless, I am now motivated and am actively achieving my goals, both on professional and personal fronts. Jonathan is skilled at talking about both the "big issues"- such as past experiences and questions about life in general, as well as the small, nitty-gritty issues- like planning step-by-step approaches to being more productive in life.

Before speaking with Jonathan, I worked for half a year with a woman with a PhD in cognitive behavioral therapy for weekly, in-person sessions. Looking back, we made absolutely no progress- I was still "stuck", still in the same frustrated place where I had started. I then started with Jonathan. Despite my doubts about communicating via the phone and Skype (not my favorite means of communication), Jonathan's methods have worked wonders on me and I'm now a believer. Jonathan has an amazing gift of empathy and practicality, and I give him credit for getting me out of my rut. The proof is in the pudding!

I highly recommend his services.

Shani Kornbluth, New York, wrote (March 18, 2010):

I am really extremely impressed by Jonathan himself, and what he does for others. I know personally, that he has helped me greatly in relationships, self development, and understanding myself and others. I have found Jonathan to be extremely patient, perceptive, and tactful yet to the point. He has a strong talent in seeing possibilities, beneath the surface, and expressing them in a concise and easy to understand way. Even in the face of opposition, which I have personally witnessed, he would never lose his cool, yet continue to convey his accurate perspectives. I highly recommend his services, and wish him continued success with everything he does.

Michael Krimsky, New York, wrote (March 4, 2010):

The exchange I had with Jonathan continues to be a source of insight for me. It was fascinating how perceptive he was, the questions were intriguing, and within a few minutes he provided clarity to a very confusing situation. Communicating with someone as sincere and knowledgeable as Jonathan is recommended to everyone.

Irene Windhorse, Interfaith, Non-Denominational Ordained Minister and Energy Healer, New York, wrote (January 22, 2010):

Hi, Jonathan, It was such a pleasure meeting you in person, and having your input regarding my placement on the Enneagram. You answered some questions, closed some gaps in my understanding of some things in myself and my life. You're a brilliant young man, and I'm glad you are one who wishes to put the benefits of your mind and work toward the good of humanity. I look forward to speaking again, and for your future talks at my venue. Keep the good work going, and remember, I want you to sign my books when I get them. I've already told two of my like-minded friends and they are interested in your books and in coming to hear you speak! Bravo! Buona Fortuna! Irene

Deborah, Student, Massachusetts, wrote (December 4, 2009):

Jonathan Wachtel's insights and writings bring this world, and especially the mysteries of human interaction, into sharp focus. His books are essential to making true progress on the path to self discovery! Though I was quite skeptical about the numerology system at first, once I read the books and listened to Jonathan speak I understood how accurate the system is. Much of what I have learned about myself and others has been revelatory, and I urge everyone who is interested in better understanding themselves and those closest to them to explore the writings of this amazing thinker.

Ben Lappen, Owner of RCS Computer Solutions, Program Coordinator and Coach at JVS-Boston, Massachusetts, wrote (November 29, 2009):

Some people are born with a gift or talent. Some people spend many years developing themselves until they have one. Jonathan Wachtel is rare in that he has both an innate, and from what I've seen, unparalleled grasp and intelligence into the inner motivations and complexities of human beings, and also an understanding into the cutting edge of humanity's knowledge of the Universe - from the natural sciences, to philosophy, history, religion, and psychology. A gifted speaker, author, and consultant, I recommend his services to anyone searching for a deeper understanding of themselves, others, or the world around them.